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Each issue of the award-winning AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter contains a mix of inspiring examples, community resources and information about livability efforts from places near and far. If you don't yet subscribe to the free AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter — which is where we announce news and new resources — sign-up now.

During a medical emergency, Veterans should immediately seek care at the nearest medical facility.

A claim for emergency care will never be denied based solely on VA not receiving notification prior to seeking care.

It is, however, important to promptly notify VA after receiving emergency care at a community emergency department.

Specifically, emergency medical care for a Veteran’s service-connected or related (adjunct) condition(s) is eligible for VA payment as long as the VA wasn’t reasonably available to provide the care.

In accordance with the following situations and requirements, VA can pay emergency care costs for: NOTE: A service-connected condition is one that has been adjudicated by the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and a disability rating has been granted. VA can also pay for emergency medical care at a community ED for a Veteran’s nonservice-connected condition.

IMPORTANT: An emergency department (ED) is a facility that is staffed and equipped to provide emergency treatment and does not include community facilities that provide medical treatment in situations other than emergencies.

By law, VA cannot pay copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, or similar payments a Veteran may owe to the provider as required by their OHI.

VA is also legally prohibited from providing coverage for individuals covered under a health plan contract because of a failure by the Veteran or the provider to comply with the provisions of that health plan contract, e.g., failure to submit a bill or medical records within specified time limits, or failure to exhaust appeals of the denial of payment.

VA can pay for emergency medical care outside the United States if the emergency is related to a Veteran’s service-connected condition.

Contact the Foreign Medical Program at 1-877-345-8179 or visit our Foreign Medical Program page for more information.

Foreign Medical Program Once a Veteran’s immediate emergency medical care needs have been addressed, the Veteran, a family member, friend, or hospital staff member should contact the nearest VA medical facility within 72 hours.A medical emergency is an injury, illness or symptom so severe that without immediate treatment, you believe your life or health is in danger.

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