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Later, they are now led by the new Commander, named Madi.

These citizens live in a settlement, called Sanctum, which is on a habitable moon, called Alpha.

This not only forced them to remain inside the facility unless they wore protective suits, they also had no choice but to capture Grounders and harvest their blood, which they used for transfusions to survive even the small amount of radiation exposure they received inside Mount Weather.

The Mountain Men are responsible for creating the acid fog that has killed numerous outsiders, as well as the barbaric Reapers who helped them capture Grounders for their blood-harvesting program.

Grounders (or Outsiders, as they are known by the Mountain Men) is any of the groups of people who were born on Earth rather than in space or in Mount Weather.

The Grounders are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years ago, due to their enhanced tolerance to nuclear radiation.

They act as antagonists in the fifth season and are eventually defeated, but the lives of those who surrendered are spared.

The prisoners second leader Mc Creary launches the Damocles bomb against Shallow Valley in an act of scorched earth, destroying the valley and rendering the Earth uninhabitable.

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At the end of season six, the citizens revolt against the Primes, some of whom are killed with most of the citizens surviving.

The Children of Gabriel is a rebel militia group, who are in conflict with the Primes, the twelve quasi-immortal leaders of Sanctum.

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