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It’s the key reason why so many people struggle as adult children of narcissists to go low contact or no contact with abusive people — because they “feel” shame at the thought of excluding another human being from their social circle.If the person has a Cluster B personality disorder, understanding NPD, ASPD, BPD, and HPD personalities don’t feel emotional pain or loneliness the same way others do can be the key to releasing guilt over not feeling warm and fuzzy about including them.When we say "vintage golf clubs," we aren't talking about the Titleist blades used by Tiger Woods for the Tiger Slam in 20, which were allegedly posted for sale on e Bay in 2010. Golf was likely invented by 15th-century Scottish shepherds, who entertained themselves by hitting anything they could find into holes and at targets.Their “game” evolved over the next few centuries, and in...It’s also unlikely that the rattlesnake — once injected into a game of social Hokey Pokey — would not sink its fangs into a tasty looking guest morsel.Sadly, this is exactly the lesson parents inadvertently teach impressionable young children by insisting Narcy Grandma or Anti-Social grandpa be included in every family social circle.One strategy that can be helpful when dealing with a nasty person on holidays is to plan the party on the holiday date but not include the person.Don’t hide or camouflage that the event is happening — simply make alternate plans to spend time with the toxic person.

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once I had started to play in Logic X, you know - just messing around, I was surprised at how different,... well, either that or I haven’t kept a guitar for long enough and played it hard enough to even think about it.

Project Managers give you a single contact through post sales, install, training, and beyond.

Do you know you have asked for this priceless thing As a child might ask for a toy?… continue reading »

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Several tumblr blogs started posting pictures, gif sets, quotes and videos about Anderson and Duchovny together and the term Gillovny was coined and used to tagged posts of such content.… continue reading »

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