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The 1990s saw the beginning of annual gay naturist gatherings on a large scale.

GNI held the its first gathering under its new name in 1992.

The first nationwide organization to promote gay naturism also originated in the early 80's.

In 1980, Lee Baxandall founded The Naturist Society (TNS).

The IMEN Gathering, held each July in rural eastern Maryland, began in 1995.

The Midwest Male Naturist Gathering began in 1993 and is held in rural eastern Kansas each June.

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Although GLN had been founded with the intent of attracting both gay men and lesbians, it had been a de facto all-male organization as there had never been any significant lesbian participation in the group. GNI also became an umbrella organization for networking local gay naturist clubs.nudism) concerns a lifestyle of gay people in which nudity, especially in a communal context, is viewed as natural, positive and healthy.While naturist clubs and resorts in the United States date back to the 1930s, gay naturist organizations did not emerge until the early 1980s.Key West's Bone Island Bare It All Weekend is held each July and December, attracting between 300 and 500 men.

In the United States, Palm Springs, California and Ft.

Key West, Florida is recognized as an early leader in the development of clothing-optional all-gay guesthouses.