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03-Apr-2019 04:40

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Jacinda Ardern, the PM of New Zealand, said something crucial today, to which we should all listen.Combatting right wing extremism, she said, grieving after the Christchurch massacre, is a global fight. And before you both-sides me like an American pundit — “but what about the libruls?!The first element of the hate industrial complex is a gang of Big Tech companies which are profiting by radicalizing people.You might object, at this juncture — “but hate has always been profitable.” Perhaps.One reason I write here is that Medium has an explicit focus on preventing hate speech, go read the rules of the platform sometimes, they’re radical and innovative both. But the exceptions, as Medium shows us, are few and far between.)Big Tech is the linchpin of the 21st century hate industrial complex — the glue holding the rest of it together.

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Whether it’s ISIS — or the Western equivalent, which is “white nationalism.”Chief to this fight against right wing extremism, though, is a strange, disturbing entity which we don’t quite see yet — because it’s hidden in plain sight, because it’s new, and because most of us, alarmingly, spend a great deal of time immersed in it.

These companies show us the truth of American style capitalism — it’s more than happy to implode into fascism, because hate sells, and you can take violence to the bank, especially in a time when profits are harder to come by. The Christchurch shooter literally referenced You Tube before he went on a killing spree. And yet Google is respected and admired the world over. A large part of Google’s profits come from You Tube, and You Tube has shown no interest whatsoever in policing, or even discouraging, hate. These things aren’t just leaving us traumatized — they are leaving our societies corroded and our democracies battered and broken, because they…a) promote hate b) don’t police it c) leave us to fight one another d) bank the profit.