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23-Aug-2019 00:14

So I started calling his company on the phone and I started making friends with his telemarketers.I would just call them up and talk to them and asked them what’s going on, and every once in a while they’d like slip me one of this more advanced tapes like from the coaching program that he’d have and one of them had him in Jay Abraham on it.And the reason that I didn’t follow-up on it, and Eben, I’m even wondering if you remember this, the reason I didn’t follow-up on it is because, well, here’s how I found out about Eben Pagan.Laura Roeder an entrepreneur that I interviewed back in 2011 told me that she understood how to create online courses by watching this guy, Eben Pagan, by going to one of his programs, by learning from him.

” He said, “Yes, but ping me about it.” I never followed up because of that reason.

So I made friends with his telemarketers, I went up to one of his other half-day seminars that he had in Portland, Oregon.

And bottom-line I kept trying to figure out what could I do to maybe figure out a way to work with these guys.

So I went and I got a real estate license which back in those days meant you go in a little room, you listen to cassette tapes for months and then you go take a test and the you never use anything that you learned on the test or. I only sold one in a third homes my first year and I made less money than I was making at my manual labor job.

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And so there I was with my two-door Camaro, with my ponytail trying to get people to buy and sell real estate. And basically I wasn’t figuring out sales and so I had to go learn about it and one of the seminars that I went to, one day I got these tickets in my inbox and they said like value but because you’re a real estate agent you get to come to the seminar for free, you know.: You were calling them up so much that they were slipping you, the telemarketers were, the people who were picking up the phone slipping you free copies of his tapes because they know how much of a fan you were? I mean I was just calling his people up because they worked with the smartest guy that I had found and, in fact, they would send me tapes and I would send them stuff as well.

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