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Anywhere you look for relationship advice, you'll hear that communication is the key to a successful relationship. And this all goes without saying that not caring about your feelings is incredibly cold and callous. We do have control over our emotions to some extent, but always claiming you're too sensitive every time you get upset just invalidates any unhappiness you might have.When your partner is shutting down your ability to communicate — turning your relationship into a one-sided conversation — they're killing any chance the two of you have at making it. And then, since you're "not really unhappy, just being sensitive," there's no need to talk about why you're unhappy. Negative emotional expressions may be attributed to traits such as overreactivity, oversensitivity, paranoia, a distorted view of events, or failure to adopt a positive attitude.Behaviors that have unintended negative consequences for others may be attributed to hostile or manipulative motives.It could because they don't agree with them or they're uncomfortable dealing with them.Invalidating your emotions means your partner doesn't have to address them.Most people would deny that they invalidate the internal experience of others.Very few would purposefully invalidate someone else.

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If you’re the recipient of invalidating messages, know this: YOU’RE NOT CRAZY! Through a simple "Oh, grow up," or a "Stop being a baby," your partner is rejecting the validity of your emotions.