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Students should also learn they have a right to healthy romantic relationships.

To do so, they must understand issues of consent and be able to tell the difference between positive dating behavior and the use of coercion, humiliation or other forms of abuse.

By providing model responses, teachers can illustrate to students how a good response helps to enrich a conversation whereas some responses can shut discussions down.

Ideally, students should view each other as academic siblings or co-learners instead of competitors.

It’s important that students recognize this behavior both in their own actions and those of peers.

Examples include groups of girls who exclude or mistreat one member, boys who prove their masculinity by dominating and controlling others, or anyone who bullies a peer due to their declared or perceived gender or sexuality.

New information that includes multiple perspectives will better resonate with students’ previous knowledge.

Teachers must also be aware of the messages sent by the learning materials they use.

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The first way to promote social justice in the classroom is to create a community of conscience.Historically, classrooms have been the stage for social change, providing a venue to promote and accelerate new ideas.In addition to academic instruction, one of a classroom teacher’s most important roles is to help students develop the critical thinking, collaboration, and self-reflection skills necessary to foster a better society.This environment ensures that students’ voices, opinions and ideas are valued and respected by their instructor and peers.

Teachers can establish a community of conscience by creating rules that teach fairness in classroom discussions and behavior.

As students explore issues like the Trayvon Martin case or witness racism in their own lives, they need to be able to bring up these issues in class discussions.

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