Friends joey and rachel dating dating a paraplegic

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", causing the authorities to re-interrogate the couple.

Note: This episode is dedicated to "The people of New York City" to remember the September 11 attacks.Phoebe and Joey try to get into Monica and Chandler's apartment by telling Mr. However, not all goes to plan when Treeger, who could not find Monica and Chandler's key, orders firefighters to break down the door.Note: There was a subplot of Chandler and Monica's honeymoon that was completely shot and filmed but ultimately never aired.Phoebe thinks it's Tag Jones and arranges a meeting for Rachel with him.

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Ross and Chandler attempt to recreate the wedding pictures, after Chandler loses the disposable cameras.They're still pondering the mystery when the red sweater is spotted in front of them and retrieved by its owner: Ross.

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