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19-Mar-2019 06:01

Today After end of work as Pizza Boy ( As delivery guy / call Grab Bike.So i'm sitting front of my laptop found my follower in twitter talking about "function to Generate birth date" as quiz.This is the kind of "gap" that row generators excel at filling.In the following query, we use CONNECT BY to generate one row for each day in June 2007, then outer join that to the previous OE query.For reference, 200 year cycle, 100 year offset, 100C temp variance, -20C temp offset.The goal here is for the cycle to start at the beginning of a 50 year period of cooling, but also is just naturally 20 degrees colder than normal. Even today, OKCupid still has sections such as aspirations, talent, traits, media (of choice), hobbies and a couple of other interesting boxes to fill. Back then dating sites were more comprehensive, where you’d have to fill up an extensive profile.

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Negative values make the whole cycle colder, positive ones make it warmer.

In this post, we'll take a look at another application for row generators: filling in "gaps".