Giving up dating geeks

25-Jul-2019 04:21

A handful of the guys have seemed perfectly decent but we had no chemistry.

Another handful turned out to be bad first-daters because they did nothing but talk about themselves.

Two were totally weird -- one believed he was a vampire and that I was one too.

(For realz.) I'd say the remainder was some mash up of guys who disappeared right after sex, disappeared when they realized I wouldn't sleep with them on the second date, or lied about major things in their profile that were dealbreakers for me (i.e.

The only commonalities are that they're all at least 5'7" (my height), non-religious, use decent grammar/spelling, and are local to my city.

I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.

So no, I wouldn't recommend giving up forever.

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red flag dating men

Whatever it is about my personality or judgement that's facilitating these constant failures, I'm not attracting the kind of man to me who will treat me well or at least not lie to me, and it's really bringing me down.

I've gotten to a point where I have to play detective when talking to a man or going out with him, and emotionally/intellectually that's just not what I want to be doing on a date.

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