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30-Jul-2019 17:15

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It is also believed that a large percentage of Black men marry White women.This is often cited as one of the causes of lower marriage rates among Black women. While Black men marry white women at twice rate that Black women marry White men, i In 2012 The U.For example, it may refer to couples who do not have the same ethnic origin, the same religion, the same language or the same birthplace.In this article, the concept of mixed union is based on the difference in visible minority status of the two persons in a conjugal relationship.The first two charts below are charts included in the report only the headings have been altered by Black to outline these findings.

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Couples in mixed unions accounted for 2.6% of all couples in 1991, 3.1% of couples in 2001 and 3.9% in 2006.Most mixed unions are made up of persons born in two different countries.

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