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20-May-2019 02:55

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Some of the questions she cabbaged off character development websites, others from speeding dating websites, and others she made up. The even number characters stayed seated, and the odd numbers rotated to other desks when time was called.

As a learner, there is a limit to what I can learn in a ‘sit and listen’ classroom environment.

Speed dating is a great activity for incorporating new vocabulary into your speaking.

It can be done as a group activity or in private classes.

Such incident is a killer of training energy and tempo, so setting the rules and boundaries in advance might be a good idea. Over the years of training, co-training and even attending workshop as a learner, I’ve witnessed and experienced different uses of this Speed Dating. If you want, you can prepare a list of questions for the learners to ‘squeeze’ them out of their ‘dates’ in less than 30 seconds. Each learner will take a seat in front of these coaches.

At times, learners get creative and used their own methods to get those information such as using video or voice recorder or simply hand the information cards over to their partners to fill up. Each learner is given a good 5 minutes to ask the coaches anything regards to a particular subject matter.

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Speed Dating In General Basically, the audience are made to work in pairs and they are required to switch partners after a very limited time frame. This is one of the most important factor that every learner centered instructors must do before giving the green light to begin the speed dating activity. In the midst of excitement, the younger learners were running around and accidentally knocked down a flip chart stand. Speed Dating As An Ice-Breaker Sometimes, I use speed dating as a medium to execute the meet and greet session. The coaches will be seated around the seminar room. If not, if you could pick any power, what would it be? If you had to commit a murder, how would you execute it? How Did It Go: This was one of the most successful activities we’ve done all year. ) and others delved even deeper ( Do you have any powers? Since I was not running the show, I participated as a character: a nine-year-old Christian fundamentalist named Charlotte Bromagen who fancies herself as a neo-Joan of Arc with a loose sense of mission.The only material needed is a vocabulary list and a stopwatch.

The great thing is that it can be adapted to almost any topic: free time, work, education, travel, people, places, time, the environment, crime, technology etc.And the person at the end of the row never seems to understand where to go, no matter how many times I've explained the instructions.

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