Most intimidating animals in the world

14-Jul-2019 23:02

Often living in populated areas these snakes are fast and described as excitable and unpredictable when encountered.Worthy of particular mention amongst this group are the common lancehead ( Unlike the previous two snakes which possess a neurotoxic venom, the lancehead’s venom is hemotoxic.And in case you thought it was only live snakes that were dangerous, think again – some snakes retain the reflex to bite even after death.These can actually be more dangerous as they lose the ability to regulate the venom they inject resulting in higher levels of envenomation.

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This is because they are ambush hunters which lay in wait for their prey and so are less inclined to move.

Whilst other snakes may seem as dangerous on paper, none have the near 100% kill rate of the taipan’s bite if untreated.

It has only been since the introduction of an antivenom in 1956 that a bite from a coastal taipan has been effectively survivable.

Now, this doesn’t even feature here, in fact it didn’t even make it on to our list of Australia’s most dangerous animals. Well, firstly no one ever seems to be killed by these snakes.

They live in remote areas, are highly timid and really don’t go looking for trouble.On name alone the death adder qualifies for a place on our list.

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