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17-May-2019 06:11

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Having Cerebral Palsy that affects my speech and movement has become a mental obstacle for me as the years go by.However looking back at it now this was not always the case.However give it a couple of weeks and again just like everyone, being single kicks in and along with it comes the loneliness and the want to be with someone.These days I do find myself worrying more about finding someone and part of that I guess is down to my own perceptions I have with what others may see in me.In my experience it is very rare to find someone who can genuinely look past my disability and again be willing to help me with certain care aspects.I can’t help but feel that I am burdening them with my disability.

Musclr is a dating app and social network for catered to the muscle community and muscle-worshipers!

For some people the words disability and dating don’t seem to fit together, or that if you have a disability then you should be with someone else that has a disability too.

What I have learnt though that it does not matter what other people think as long as you keep an open mind.

That sentence has always been a bit of a kicker to me because I can’t help but think how long do I have to wait?

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The world of dating has always been a difficult one, disability or not, let’s face it we are dealing with one of our strongest emotions and instincts.However I think it is something I myself have to overcome.

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