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07-Jun-2019 00:41

The most recent was the letter we received on September 5th, 2002 from Dr.Baburam Bhattarai ( In the intervening four months events have moved at a fast pace.

The Royal Nepal Army, now the recipient of military assistance from the United States, the UK, and Belgium, continued to announce more or less daily “body counts” of “ Maoists” killed. The revolutionary forces had developed to the point where they could hold their own militarily, but were as yet unable to protect the civilian population in the countryside from the murder and torture operations of the Royal Nepal Army and the “ Armed Police Force.” The chief of the Armed Police Force was, however, shot to death in the garden of his house, only minutes away from the Palace gates in Kathmandu, on January 26th, 2003.

is Central Committee Member and Head of Women’s Department of CPN (Maoist).

In this space we have had occasion to provide some, we trust, interesting and important documents from the revolutionary forces in Nepal.

When that inescapable fact was acknowledged by the parliamentary political parties, the King discarded even the docile Deuba ministry and carried out the last stage of the coup.

A hand picked ministry was installed to carry out the orders of the Palace.

Their English language periodical, , No.8 dated January 2003, contains several very interesting articles and a quite remarkable one, which we reproduce here.

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