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Everything I make is designed to be ready to use, and make your life as easy as possible, while providing your students with the best chance to shine.I aim to reduce your marking load, give your students immediate feedback and give you lessons that are ready to go, all you need to do is a tiny bit of photocopying.Advanced OCR systems can read text in large variety of fonts, but they still have difficulty with handwritten text.The potential of OCR systems is enormous because they enable users to harness the power of computers to access printed documents.After the starting, the university is formally operated on 30 October 2001.AIMST first started to operate at Amanjaya Campus in Sungai Petani, which now is the old campus.Then, the University shifted to it's new campus which located at Semeling, Sungai Petani, also known as the Semeling Campus.At the location of 228-acre site at the foothills of Gunung Jerai in Semeling, the University self-contained and equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and laboratory facilities, the campus has purpose-built student and the staff apartments.

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23 IDELR 1190 (OCR, October 10, 1995) Band Programs - Akron (OH) City Sch ...When a page of text is scanned into a computer, at first, all the computer sees is a bunch graphical bits.In other words, it has no idea that there's text on the page, much less what the text says.The term is commonly used in such software as Omni Page Pro (800-535-7226) to indicate options of translating scanned words and numbers into computer text files that can be read by word processing and spreadsheet software. (See also Scanner ) Often abbreviated OCR, optical character recognition refers to the branch of computer science that involves reading text from paper and translating the images into a form that the computer can manipulate (for example, into ASCII codes).

i think most of Malaysians have a bundle of questions to ask when talking about AIMST University. before i get to know this university, i was in the same boat with them and i really had no idea regarding the presence of this university until my mom told me.and, since then, i started to explore this university and digging out all the information about now, i am present in this gorgeous university.there is a list of common questions usually asked by them whom do not know the university.-what is aimst? It is located in the northern Malaysia state of Kedah Darul Aman.The better ones can even keep the formatting of the document in the translation.