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She isn't in one, and besides, Jung Yong Hwa is much better for her, not only are they probably the cutest Korean celebrity couple, but they match well together unlike the awkward and creepy Jang Geum Suk.

Park Shin-Hye was born on Feburary 18th, 1990 in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do, South Korea.

haahaa Welll actually, park shin hye is younger than Jung Geun Suk, she is like 19 or 20 right now and he is 23 or 24. I just wanted to point that out ANOTHER ANSWER AS WELL: From analyzing all the sources, it seems like JGS really likes PSH and vise-versa.

On top of that, JGS has no problem telling the whole world that PSH lives no more than 5 minutes from him by foot, and his mom likes PSH a lot, and that they are match made from heaven. I hope they will be one some day ~ i think that they are dating, they hide it because don't want that we interfered with their relations.

he said that its owkie to him to have a relationship with a woman 8 years older than him--but in any case he havent dated a woman 8 years older than him yet..

now, i think JGS and PSH is starting on communicating each other via messages as i read in some sites..

Shall we "CALL it cosmic connection; CALL it telepathy; CALL it a chemical bond; CALL it the cord that connect us; But for me, we were never separated to be connected back and forth. I use to be your fans since childhood,but now I don't know,her acting is the same in every drama,moody,always crying,and her expression is the same in all dramas, I would love to see her act as independent, happy go lucky,like Lee Da Hae in my girl,song hye kyo in full house,but I doubt that she will not be able to pull off those kind of characters There are two reasons why fans love an actor/actress. Look forward to your news on daily basis on IG, twitter and online! Love your songs with the melodious, sweet flowing soothing voice..... You caring empathetic nature towards your family, friends, co-workers, children and anyone in need is exemplary. Get to see you, Yoo Hye Jung (YHJ), in Temperature/Degree of Love ep 21 at mins... Like those few scenes you're in as you guys created a good ambience. 7, Flower Boy Next Door, Heartstrings, You're Beautiful, Tree of Heaven, Stairway to Heaven, Gogh The Starry Night, Entertainer, Prince Hours.... The personality that you bring out in Choi Hee Jeong's character is what makes you unique. Hopefully it can be a reality someday ^.^ PSH is my favorite korean actress because I discovered korean eorld thanks to her and I really identified myself in her. I just watched your movie Annoying Bro & as always you were great! I wish you could pair up with Gong Yoo oppa in drama and you next project. I never been this much attracted to a Korean Drama not until I had watch you.. Oh and on a side note: I'm guilty of replaying again and again your wonderful way of saying "thank you" or "thanks" in Korean.

- Angitha" Park Shin Hye, we respond to your every CALL with happiness, enthusiasm and excitement. One is the greatness of acting and second is the greatness of personality, additional to that is their ability to look good with their love teams. Your dedication, hard work and meticulous details in everything you do is admirable. Can go on and on but will end by wishing you the best in life. I Love u so much, I love your acting and your personality. We miss u, but we can wait until you're ready for next drama project. You'd a cute girl curly hairstyle in the scenes ... And the challenges you face in solving the mystery using "dubious? Meanwhile I don't understand why Tree of Heaven with Lee Wan again is not mentionned here Beautiful.. Taecyeon oppa seems like you very much❤ It never fails to excite me with all your projects Park Shin Hye. You're such a diverse, natural and exceptional talent. I hope my expectation is reachedyou :) keep healthy eonie. You're beautiful was the second K drama I watched after Secret Garden. : D Park shin hye is a very talented person that i know,,,i hope that the MINSHIN couple will make an another inspiring movie or drama,,im your avid fan since when i saw your movies!!!!! She's one of the few with a natural face & its nice to see that she isn't way too skinny but a little workout to keep her body in shape won't hurt either. shin hye and of course with your two shining armors Jong Hwa and Geun Suk .. I know the word is "de" but you make it sound like "yea" or "yeah" and I just love how you say it. :).anjell i feel not only joy whenever i watch your show, HES BEAUTIFUL always brings excitement for me to wait for the next day.ill be watching it as if it was the first time that i've watched it..i think im helplessly falling for it..

I also hope yuo will come to nigerian one day, I love you so much, unnie fighting. Your dramas proved to be invaluable during tough times. Although your visit with Park Jung Woo (PJW) & Lee Hyun-Soo was short yet it certainly left us feeling so delighted. Park Shin Hye, while waiting for one of your new projects, Blackened Heart, we're binge-watching you in these dramas & movies from My Annoying Brother, Doctors, The Beauty Inside, The Royal Tailor, Pinocchio, The Heirs, Miracle in Cell No. They could be "magical" twins who got separated at birth because of unavoidable circumstances that causes them to grow up with different families. Finally, we're able to see you in one of your latest projects, Silent Witness film, Park Shin Hye. Here are 10 reasons we will always love Park Shin Hye: 1. One of the things that makes her fun to watch is her variety of facial expressions. I liked the chemistry between you and Lee Wan oppa in "Tree of Heaven". I really hope you guys can play together anymore drama. Korea's True Sweetheart, your b-day's coming up soon. and everyone who contributed to shin hye's success.. Terrific in both "You're (He's) So Beautiful" and "Heartstrings." Hope your recent auto accident did no permanent damage and that you have a long successful career. i already post here last time....i want to post again..... of course you know my name because its posting my name ther........

All the love, happiness and success that you can hold. Fighting My baby girl I could be having a worst day but the moment I see you at your movies ("Heart Blackened", "My Annoying Brother", "The Royal Tailor", "Miracle In Cell #7"....) stage greetings, that all changes. You shine with your charisma and inner confidence while staying humble. I watched your dramas recently "The Heirs" and "Pinocchio", I really like your roles. I followed you here while watching "Temperature of Love", I was surprised! Eonnie, I've been watching your TV show on 3meals a Day, I really liked you and Ok Taecyeon. And now there's circulation that you'll star with Kim Soo Hyun in a new drama "A Coffee to Go". I'm still waiting for a reunion drama with Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yonghwa. She immediately became my favourite Korean actress and I watch anything she's in. I hope that the MINSHIN couple will last and i wish that you will became a real couple in life!!!!! & unless she's planning on doing sth about her stiff acting & expressionless face she needs to reconsider her career choice. Again, hoping you have a great life and thanks for the memories of the great characters you play in the Kdramas. I love everything she is in which is a first for me but i seriously have not seen a drama where she isn't an entertaining character and at first i didnt even know who she was i just kept recognizing her. b(^_^)d kamsa hamnida i dont wach tv alot espicialy in out country.ilove wach to korea tv. ilove park shinehye.iwach her movie all you are fit with jang geunsuk you look so hot couple...see you in next drama with jang geun suk hi park shne hye..ilike you somuch ..i never wach tv inour country or making ido in my country couse idont like ..

Looking forward to Memories of the Alhambra with Hyun Bin. If you ever have the time to read this Park Shin Hye i so love you dearly. I'm looking forward to more movies and dramas from you this year. Shinhye i heard that chicago typewriter offer u as the main female leaad? I really dio hope that you accept this role (if u know that it'll be goodwhile reading the script)... I can't wait for her to do an action drama with either Chang Ji Wook or Lee Song Ki whom I also love. I like Park Shin Hye but I only have seen her in dramas and movies where she always play the same role (with a few modifications), always the pitiful protagonist who is being attacked, bullied, hurt and needs a savior. I want to know are you really that type of sweet cute girl in the real world!!!!!!!! I will agree that somebody says park shin doesn't know how to kiss i hope that in this new drama heirs lee min hu show her because lee min is expert in kissing.... i love park shin hye and she has so much experience in acting and i love her in only thing that is annoying is her kissing scenes in doesnt no how to kiss.i wait that lee min ho in heis show her..hehehehe annyeonghaseyo Park shin hye.. She is my first favorite Korean actress or actress in general. i cant sleep without thinking of you after i saw your drama in He's beautiful it only reminds you. but when saw you iwach hundreds time of dramas..iwant to wach more of you with jang youn suk..

Consequently, Park Shin-Hye went to Seoul and auditioned for Dream Factory.

Through her relationship with Dream Factory, Park Shin-Hye began training as an actress, singer, and playing the guitar & keyboard. In 2003 Park Shin-Hye debuted as the main female character in the music video "Ggot" (Flower) by singer Lee Seung-Hwan. I really like you the first time I saw you on the drama stairway to heaven. You look good togethere with geun suk,,i hope you'll have another TV drama with him. My Girlfriend and I really like your show and she was REALLY excited to see you finally get Kissed!!

I'm always looking forward to your upcoming drama, shows and movies and most especially your updates on Instagram. Fell in love when I saw her on The Heirs for the first time and became my most favorite actress ever since. Please don't get too thin, You look cutest with your chubby cheeks like in Heirs! I'm glad she's doing great, she's such a great person, always humble and grateful. I wish she can play a different protagonist, someone who is strong and people in the story look up to, not someone they look down to. It's fortunate that we share the same birthday, February 18th. : D She is so cute and beautiful , ah i wish i can meet you someday and take a picture , and i will boast it to all people in the world :)) You are my Idol Park Shin Hyee ! :) Shin Hye ~~~ Noona i love u and your drama The heirs you and lee min ho is really so charming and your acting is really so perfect , you two only need eye contact and u can make me feel the sad mood. This is from Hong Kong ,sarah chan so,support u and the heirs xoxo hello! I like the way you act, the way you dance and I love your voice. If some day i earn a lot amount of money i will definitely want to meet you. the first time that i watched you acting is in your mini series title Tree of Heaven, that was way back in 2007, and that time you're so young but a talented one..

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