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Part III surveys the substantive requirements of the Canadian insider reporting regime. On April 23, 2010, many of the various provincial and territorial statutory rules were replaced by National Instrument 55-104. 27 See Erik Lie, “On the Timing of CEO Stock Option Awards” (2005) 51 Management Science 802. Cal.) (30 June 2003) online: ; Securities and Exchange Commission, Litigation Release, No. Symbol Technologies, Inc., Tomo Razmilovic, Kenneth Jaeggi, Leonard Goldner, Brian Burke, Michael De Gennaro, Frank Borghese, Christopher De Santis, James Heuschneider, Gregory Mortenson, James Dean and Robert Donlon, CV 04 2276 (LDW)(WDW) (EDNY) [(3 June 2004)] online: . 1194, in which the author discusses subsequent SEC reforms in 2006 that, in his view, tacitly legitimates backdating by “only” increasing disclosure. As discussed below, if the obligation to file insider trading reports with respect to option grants fell upon the issuer rather than the insider, such continuous disclosure reviews could prove much more effective in detecting and deterring options backdating.Part IV discusses apparent limitations in the enforcement of insider reporting requirements. Nejat Seyhun, “The Economic Impact of Backdating of Executive Stock Options” (2007) 105 Mich. In Ontario, the primary insider reporting obligations continue to be those set out in section107 of the Ontario Securities Act rather than National Instrument 55104, although the substance of the Ontario provisions has been harmonized with the requirements of National Instrument 55-104. The pattern of abnormally high stock returns following the grant of executive options had been documented many years earlier. David Yermack, “Good Timing: CEO Stock Option Awards and Company News Announcements” (1997), 52 Journal of Finance 449. 29 The term “reporting insider” is defined in NI 55-104, supra n 1 s 1.1(1) as meaning: an insider of a reporting issuer if the insider is (a) the CEO, CFO or COO of the reporting issuer, of a significant shareholder of the reporting issuer or of a major subsidiary of the reporting issuer; (b) a director of the reporting issuer, of a significant shareholder of the reporting issuer or of a major subsidiary of the reporting issuer; (c) a person or company responsible for a principal business unit, division or function of the reporting issuer; (d) a significant shareholder of the reporting issuer; (e) a significant shareholder based on post-conversion beneficial ownership of the reporting issuer’s securities and the CEO, CFO, COO and every director of the significant shareholder based on post-conversion beneficial ownership; (f) a management company that provides significant management or administrative services to the reporting issuer or a major subsidiary of the reporting issuer, every director of the management company, every CEO, CFO and COO of the management company, and every significant shareholder of the management company; (g) an individual performing functions similar to the functions performed by any of the insiders described in paragraphs (a) to (f); (h) the reporting issuer itself, if it has purchased, redeemed or otherwise acquired a security of its own issue, for so long as it continues to hold that security; or (i) any other insider that (i) in the ordinary course receives or has access to information as to material facts or material changes concerning the reporting issuer before the material facts or material changes are generally disclosed; and (ii) directly or indirectly exercises, or has the ability to exercise, significant power or influence over the business, operations, capital or development of the reporting issuer; Although the insider reporting obligations set out in National Instrument 55-104 do not apply in Ontario, this definition of reporting insider also governs the insider reporting obligations in s 107 of the Ontario Securities Act. For purposes of this paper, our primary focus is on senior officers and directors of a reporting issuer. 1915 at 1937 (although suggesting that heightened media and regulatory scrutiny should reduce or eliminate backdating, the authors nevertheless conclude that the amendments do not go far enough). 30 31 Page 10 issuers and insiders are aware of their obligations and will act in compliance with their obligations.” 35 It appears, however, that the technical application of Canadian insider reporting rules when applied to stock options, as well as various enforcement issues, may vitiate the effectiveness of these rules in preventing options backdating. In Australia, for instance, a corporation must notify the Australian Stock Exchange of any changes in major shareholders’ or directors’ interests.New SEC executive compensation rules now require "a complete quantitative and narrative disclosure of a company's executive compensation plans and goals," Cox said.The rules will soon be complemented by more accounting guidance, Cox told lawmakers.

An expert witness must provide the court with objective, unbiased opinion on .... In Quebec, the fine is 0 per business day, to a maximum of 00. The FSA has the authority to impose “a penalty of such amount as it considers appropriate”63 on the company for failure to comply with this disclosure requirement. Options grants reported in an issuer’s annual management proxy circulars could be cross-checked against insider trading reports to reveal discrepancies and to flag potential abuses.

Most stock options backdating is alleged to have occurred prior to the enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley, which requires that stock options grants for top executives be reported to the SEC within two days.

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