Serial dating definition

03-Jun-2019 07:13

Does he (she) enjoy living to the extreme and get bored easily? Celebrities or politicians like Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Tiger Woods, ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer flirt with infidelity, get caught then quickly apologize to protect their reputation. Do you hand everything she desires over on a silver platter?You’d think that someone in the spotlight would be scared to death to ruin their image. It might be time for her to take a risk, live to the extreme.This could be one of the serial cheater traits that is temporary.In the case of celebrities whose popularity lessens and the bright lights are no longer shining on them then they could feel more humble.Can you believe one study suggests your risk taker husband (wife) might contain cheater DNA? The English term and concept of serial killer are commonly attributed to former FBI Special agent Robert Ressler who used the term serial homicide in 1974 in a lecture at Bramshill Police Academy in Britain.Their habitual cheating results from not resolving their deep-rooted emotional needs. Your relationship clock may be about to click “zero”.

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They could do this by choosing another woman (man).

The thrill to avoid getting caught provides an adrenaline rush, catching them crashes their high flying life back down to reality. Your spouse could have an addiction to instant gratification and overcomes boredom with “being bad”.