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19-Jun-2019 17:10

The feeling of falling in love with someone perhaps is the most fantastic and excited feeling you could experience in this world.When you are falling in love with someone, you feel you're so lucky you can meet her in this world, you feel there's a butterfly in your stomach when you are being with her, she becomes your joy resources in your life.You are attracted to her is because she fits to your attraction criteria.And your attraction criteria is in the subconscious mind, so you are not logically to choose to be attracted to someone like "I like her because she has a pair of long legs, blah blah blah".Basically, maturity is a set of views and beliefs on things.They can be categorized into personal values, phylosphies of life, and world view which are personal level, social level, and worldwide level respectively.You believe that nothing is able to stop the love between you two. When you are into someone chances are you will feel exactly the same and you won't give up your love even though its draining your resources.You believe if you keep working hard you will get return for the love life you desired.

You are attracted to her is not because she did something to you, said something to you, or gave something to you.

Not because they don't understand what is right or wrong, but when the attraction is too strong and they are not mature enough to get themselves in control, chances are they will make mistakes unconsciously because at the moment it just feels right.

Therefore, you need to know the big picture of love. In my free ebook Success Made Certain I explained that everyone has different maturity, and matches of maturity is important to having a good relationship.

As always, a spouse filing for divorce should not lie to the court.

Those caught making false claims or exaggerations in a complaint may be denied relief.In my free ebook Relationships Made Simple I mentioned that attraction happens and triggers at instinctive level.

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