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You're the one that's drawing the monsters to us, you know! It seems that Holy Mistletoe curse had a bigger influence on you than we thought, Yuri. It can spawn monsters, and when Yuri killed monsters in the first game, he would take in their Malice along with their souls. It's like the two sides of the Force, without all the philosophical, pseudo-religious babble. The only thing we can do right now is concentrate on staying alive. Anyway, the path through the forest can be a little confusing. There's a chest at the end of this fork with a Mana Leaf. The chest in the small alcove holds a Key Item, the Battery. This one is very easy to miss, but you need it because it has the Barbatos Crest. There's a Soul Benediction hidden behind the sign on the fence.

As long as we're looking at the library, Nicolai and Lenny now have entries in the 'Character' section. Let's see, you've lost 60 levels and all your special powers. In the Shadow Hearts world, Malice is an active (and possibly sentient) principle caused by negative emotions. Funny enough, no matter how long you run around Ardennes Forest, or even if you go back here, you never run into Lenny or any of his men. There's a chest here in the hidden section in the middle.

The bridge would have dropped, but there wouldn't be any item on it.

If we had kept pulling several levers without solving the puzzle, Yuri would have gotten pissed off and kicked the controls.

Après la dernière bataille, Shun ne parvient pas à se remettre.

Sa conscience le torture et personne ne sait quoi faire pour l'aider.

There are three exits from this area (well, four, if you count the one that leads back to the real world, but we can't go through it right now).

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With everything picked up, we continue to the large open clearing near the exit.

Just like the first game, we get little messages when we unlock new fusions, but they're generally more positive this time around. At this point, you can watch a tutorial on Soul Charge, but it's really short, so I didn't bother. We can spend soul energy at their altars in the Graveyard to unlock the first two tiers, although the third tier needs special items we won't get for a while to unlock. You spend soul energy in Yuri's personal screen to raise a fusion's level.