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Click here to receive information only from specific states. Questions for goats and kids are asked in January and July survey to provide information on inventory of breeding and market goats, kids born, death loss, and mohair production.Uses Uses of statistical information are extensive and varied.Over 23,000 are selected in January and 4,600 in July.A sample of area tracts not on the list is surveyed to measure incompleteness.Government agencies are important users of the data.Federal farm programs require information on supplies, production potential and income.Footrot is costly to deal with in terms of labor costs, health product costs, and reduced performance by animals in the flock.

Special Features Questions for sheep and lambs pertain to animals on the total acres operated, regardless of ownership except for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.Sheep inventory estimates for each state by class (breeding, market, ewes, etc.), as well as lambs born and wool production for the previous year, are published in the in January.