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09-Mar-2019 08:59

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Welcome to Calendar of Updates, powered by Simple Machines® Forum (SMF) software!

SMF® is the elegant, effective, powerful and free forum software solution that this site is running.

The fee-based forum system v Bulletin from the Californian company, v Bulletin Solutions, is one of the most successful software solutions in the community sector.

The powerful forum software is currently available in its 5 version and is primarily aimed at demanding users who want to create professional community projects.

One strange feature of SMF is that when members register, by default, their email address is shown to the world. On your PC, check that the files can actually unpack. You wouldn't believe the number of corrupted files I've had.

To hide it by default, open Themes/default, search for "hide Email", and change the line like so: Basically, you are only typing the word "checked", without quote marks or equal sign or anything.

Select File / Save As, select Compuserve Gif, rename the button to the name of the file it is meant to replace in your theme's images/english folder. Usually this is done with a line in .htaccess, something like ' Add Handler application/x-httpd-php5 .html', but ask your ISP about the exact syntax for your server.

Smiles, Andy Hi Adewale, you need to tell your server to use the php engine to 'parse' files with an html extension.

Its powerful custom made template engine puts you in full control of the layout of your message board and with our unique SSI – or Server Side Includes – function you can let your forum and your website interact with each other. Upload the SMF file (gz) via FTP In CPanel's file manager, select the file and extract In Firefox, go to mydomain/forum For My SQL server, leave localhost. Click once near the top right corner of the button. Select all four path points for the right side of the box (Shift-click to add points to the selection). Remember to clear your browser's cache to see the effects. This takes you to a page where you can directly apply the update. Embedded in the link, you will find a link to a patch file. The idea was to make a "big buttons for dummies" theme, because I had a hard time understanding the original buttons. SMF’s Admin section has a built-in database backup function. It does work in some cases, but not in others, so it should not be used, unless you have no other way to acquire the backup of the database.

To restore your backed-up database, you do exactly the same as to back up, except that instead of clicking “Export”, you click “Import”. If you need to enlarge the button, start with the OUTSIDE layer. Click on the appropriate layer in the Layers panel. Pull the left and right edges until you get a centered glow that you like. The Photoshop button is ready, now we need to save it to web format. At this stage it may be a good idea to close the file, copy it and open that copy so you don't overwrite the button by mistake.

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