Updating bios on msi wind

20-Aug-2019 05:26

updating bios on msi wind-12

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Please note that this guide only applies to Dell systems.

I tested these steps on a Dell Opti Plex 780 SFF (Small Form Factor), Dell Opti Plex 790 SFF, and Dell Opti Plex 3040 MT (Mini-Tower).

Add another step to Run Command Line and configure the step as shown below: Make sure to point the step to the package that contains the executable you wish to run.

I cannot guarantee this guide will work with Windows Vista or Windows XP.Before we get started, you are going to need the following tools installed on your workstation: First, download the latest BIOS revisions for each of the models deployed throughout your organization from Dell's support website.Create a new folder in which you will place the downloaded revisions.Open your newly created task sequence and create a new group called "Apply BIOS Updates." Add a new step to Run Command Line and configure the step as shown below: Note you do not need to specify the BIOS password to install the HAPI driver.

updating bios on msi wind-46

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The next step in the task sequence will clear the password before applying any updates or configurations.

Open the Configuration Manager Admin Console and navigate to the Software Library applet.