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But Kay applies the same energetic gusto he deployed at Nyon. Behind him his crack squad of musicians make blood-rushing flesh of the songs this untrained, instinctive writer (Kay doesn’t play any instruments) dreams up with pen, paper and Dictaphone. His voice may be more 'lived in’, but he’s still possessed of our best male soul voice alongside George Michael. Sheep – graffiti sprayed with their owner’s initials, 'JK’ – graze in the far pasture. So expansive are the grounds that an ocular aperture, originally sited on top of a bank in Threadneedle Street, has been plonked in a field to bring some visual focus to the vista.

It’s a clubbily exciting mini-gig in an overlit, fussy five-star gaff. His first studio album in five years is a heartfelt collection of late-night soul confessionals and dance floor belters that was mostly recorded in his home studio. The purpose of the red telephone box sited in the middle of another field is less clear – Pink Floyd homage? A landmark to help the lord of the manor land his chopper?

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As coot and moorhen glide by, I ask him if he sleeps up here in this cupboard-sized hide? 'I mean, I didn’t buy this place ’cause I wanted a really big house in the country.Passing the highly challenging pilot’s exam hoovered up all the energy and enthusiasm he used to apply to drug-taking and partying. Ten years ago I’d have had this packed out.”’ The ballroom at the Mandarin Oriental in London’s Knightsbridge is packed out. I’m happy to stay but I could up-tail and f--- off out.’ To Monaco?