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today on Fox WFLD Channel 32, which he devised along with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.It's a high-concept show, to be sure, but this time Abrams and his writing team keep the back-story conspiracy largely hidden and instead concentrate on the police-procedural elements.Coincidentally, former Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti, the other major free-agent sports pundit in town, also has said his contractual restrictions on joining a competitor place no limits on immediate online opportunities."So I'm on the air Sept. "I get approached all the time about the movie business or other businesses.People are always saying, 'Well, if you can do restaurants, you can do this.' No.But I talked to a couple of our people, and they said it was interesting. So I said, 'Let's try it and tie it into one of our restaurants.'"Compensation terms for North could not be confirmed, but the initial commitment is for four months, which is about when North will be free to cut a broadcasting deal."Radio is still very viable, but the Web is the next big thing," North said. People say, 'But Mike, I can't get you in the car.'"Well, guess what? But he said it might be more risky to sit out the next few months.Besides, he says he already has enough money, and he's confident."I think I've spent enough time in this town that if I'm on somewhere, people will find me," he said.


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On another new show, a little dumbing down seems to actually suit J. Yet now he's back with "Fringe," debuting at 7 p.m.

Dunham's efforts to determine the active agent - and undo the disease in her lover - lead her to Walter Bishop, an institutionalized old master of the "fringe sciences" (read "paranormal phenomena," a la "The X-Files") who as played by John Noble comes off as a hyper-self-absorbed, if well-intentioned Unabomber. Bishop, however, Dunham needs a family contact, which leads her to Peter Bishop, played by former "Dawson's Creek" humble hunk, Joshua Jackson.

How much does he want to visit his crackpot old man?

The result is a tense series debut that comes off almost as a self-contained two-hour TV movie, tantalizing in what it leaves unsaid and yet to be addressed.


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Like "Lost," "Fringe" begins with disaster in the air, as a man on a transatlantic flight triggers a catastrophic outbreak of some unknown virulent disease.That leads Dunham to redouble her efforts, in spite of the obstacles placed in front of her by Homeland Security special agent Phillip Broyles, played by Lance Reddick (who like Tristan Wilds of the new "90210" has found sanctuary in prime time after starring in HBO's largely unseen "The Wire").